Who doesn’t love pie and ice cream?

The Strawberry Sorbato, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Banana with Toasted Coconut, and Plum ice creams.
The Strawberry Sorbato, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Banana with Toasted Coconut, and Plum ice creams.

The past few days I suppose you could say that I went through an ice cream frenzy.  This spree was triggered by the fourth of July, when I made none other than the classic summer treat.  I must’ve forgotten how easy it was, and how awesome the turnout, because once I started- I couldn’t stop.  So, in result, I’ve made 5 different flavors of ice cream in the last three or four days.  I started out with a strawberry sorbato, which turned out amazingly refreshing.  Sorbato is Bon Appetit’s made up word for something in between sorbet and gelato.  It turned out tasting just like the fresh strawberries that I used, but with just a touch of cream.  Delicious.  I also decided to make vanilla bean ice cream, (I made the strawberry sorbato and some blueberry pocket pies for Independence day, I was going for a red, white and blue theme) which started from a French vanilla recipe.  What made the difference was the use of my new favorite pantry staple: vanilla bean paste.  It’s an easy substitute for vanilla extract, and is three times as powerful so you use less.  Another added benefit is the nice little vanilla bean seed speckles that come with it.  I believe it really gave my vanilla ice cream an extra push.  After that I offered to make our neighbor a dessert for the dinner she was going to have that night, so I tried out a Kahlua Amaretto recipe.  After putting it into the ice cream maker, I decided to add some toasted slivered almonds.  They really made a difference: they accented the Amaretto but also toned down the notes of alcohol.  I only got one little bowl of it before my parents finished our half off while I was out.  I then moved on to plum.  I’d had plums in our refrigerator for a while, which I love, but needed a use for them because I’m leaving soon.  It’s ultra creamy, and with little chunks of plum throughout it you get a nice little bite of tang every now and then.  The final flavor I prepared this morning.  Chocolate banana ice cream, with the addition of some toasted coconut.  Also great.  Now we have a freezer full of homemade ice cream!

Today I also went a little bit pocket pie crazy.  Early tomorrow morning my mother and I leave for Denver, and we’ll be staying with my uncle.  During Thanksgiving this past year I made some cranberry hand pies, and they were a huge hit.  Ever since my uncle and grandparents have not ceased to ask for more.  So since we’re going to visit him, my mother insisted that we bring some mini pies.  Today I made more blueberry ones, and tried out a bourbon peach recipe as well.  I also made a few with both peach and blueberry filling to try out.

I’ll post a few of the recipes, but comment if there are more that you’d all like to have!

One Beat Baker

Blueberry and Peach Pocket Pies.

Blueberry and Peach Pocket Pies.

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