Boston Landing

Today i arrived in Boston at 6 AM local time after my red eye flight. It was a little tough to sleep on the plane, but luckily JetBlue Airlines provided all of us with little pouches containg disposable ear plugs and eye masks. It’s the little things, you know? So upon my arrival, I was picked up by my lovely sister Adriene 🙂

After we dropped off my bags, we went to breakfast at The Friendly Toast. I had smoked salmon eggs benedict, and she had “green eggs and ham,” ham on toast with poached eggs and an herbacious cream sauce. I also had one of their loose leaf teas, “vitalize,” which was delicious.

We then traveled to downtown Boston, where I saw the site of the Boston Massacre and where the Declaration of Independence was supposedly read to the people for the first time. It was extremely hot. 100 degrees out with 45% humidity. Not great walking around weather. So, after meandering around for a bit, we decided to order will call tickets online for the New England Aquarium. While we waited for our ticket time we stopped in at Legal Seafood, where we shared some Rhode Island style calamari and Adriene had some Kusshi oysters. We then went to the aquarium, which turned out to be a lot of fun. We lingered by each fish tank and watched all of the cool and colorful creatures swim by. We checked out the penguins too, along with our favorites, the seals.

After the aquarium we headed back to Adriene’s where we cooled off in the air conditioning before dinner. For dinner we went to Tupelo, where Adriene is friends with the chef. Her friends Katie and Christine met us there, and we had a great time. First we ordered fried oysters, (my first oysters) and then the pork belly corn dog, had some corn bread, and we all shared a small portion of gumbo, the blackened catfish, and the fried chicken. It was all terrific food. I couldn’t stop eating the fried oysters, the cornbread was perfectly sweet, the chicken juicy, along with its tasty side of jalepeno mac and cheese. I accompanied my meal with some basil lemonade, which was a twist, but delicious. After we finished eating, the chef gave us a mini tour of his kitchen, and told me that if I decided that I wanted to head in the culinary direction, an invitation to help me get my hands dirty in the field was always open. It was really touching, and I’m so appreciative of the gesture. When i get the time I’ll be adding Tupelo onto my favorite restaurants tab.

For dessert we dropped by the nearby Christina’s creamery, which makes fresh ice cream in an abundance of unique flavors. I had Mexican Chocolate (chocolate and cinnamon) with Malted Vanilla. Yum.

One happy and no longer hungry tourist.







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