Beach Day on the Atlantic Coast

Today we decided to make our way to the beach. The morning started with Adriene making me breakfast: also known as yay a fellow foodie cooking for meee! We had blueberry pancakes made with cottage cheese along with real maple syrup. We also had canteloupe, and I had the idea of putting some of her leftover mint syrup on it, and she sliced up some fresh mint for garnish. It was a pretty good combo. We then headed just down her street to check out the farmers’ market where we bought some fresh peaches and oh-so-juicy looking raspberries. We’ll definitely try them out tomorrow.

Afterwards we got into our swimsuits and beach attire and went to go pick up Adriene’s friends. Between friend pickups we stopped at a little bakery where Adriene used to work called Petsi Pies. Here we picked up some scones; I had a glazed lemon one and she had a buttermilk currant one, and iced coffee. I actually got a “dirty chai” which is chai tea, some milk, and a shot of espresso. It was really good, and great for this sweltering heat.

The beach was nice, it was pretty hot out but not as bad as yesterday. We lied on beach towels and sat in beach chairs, and I quizzed them on their cheese knowledge out of a March issue of Food Network magazine. I went in the water once, but it was still pretty icy, and not too long after the wind began to pick up and we could hear thunder. It didn’t end up raining, but we thought that was a good time for lunch.

When we got back home after a stop at the grocery store, we found that we weren’t all that hungry, but decided to just make a dessert bruschetta from one of my Bon Appetit digital issues and watch a movie and then Comedy Central. The bruschetta was tasty, but it probably would’ve been better if we’d followed the directions completely. We pitted and halved some cherries and peaches and macerated them in sugar and vanilla, then spread some ricotta on toasted baguette slices and topped it with the fruit mixture (the peaches were from the market). Looking later on we realized that we were also supposed to mix some sugar into the ricotta, but it was still a nice snack that wasn’t all too sweet.

Tomorrow is probably what I’m looking most forward to- Dim Sum. It’s a Chinese brunch and I have yet to experience it, but am super anxious to have the opportunity!

Curious Cook of Cultural Cuisines (thought I’d make it super alliterative that time ;)) 20130721-003800.jpg20130721-003822.jpg20130721-003946.jpg20130721-003956.jpg




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  1. Mayaneli Brown says:

    A dirty chai is my fave fyi 😉


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