Sushi & Casino Night

The sushi class many of us had been awaiting was today. We made a coconut milk mango rice pudding that was very sweet and tropical. We made various sushi rolls with imitation crab, real crab, salmon, tuna or smoked salmon with our own different twists on them. We also made summer rolls with shrimp, scallion pancakes, miso soup, and my favorite, a sweet and tangy beef and broccoli. It was all so delicious, and we used a lot of interesting techniques involving rice paper and bamboo mats. All very informative considering I’d never made sushi before.

We then had a leadership series about communication, primarily listening. We did a few exercises and he showed us just how often we go on auto-pilot on forming replies. It was interesting and I think most of us are going to try to work on our listening skills.

Our TA groups also worked on our plan of attack and design for our simulation Wednesday.

Tonight was casino night too, and all of the culinary kids were told to dress “snazzy,” so most of us did. Unfortunately none of the other kids did, so while we were all made up in dresses and skirts, the sports guys were wearing t-shirts and gym shorts. Lame. I didn’t end up playing any of the casino games, but I did get up to dance for several songs, especially the ones that tell you what to do.

Tomorrow is Chelsea Market!








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  1. Mayaneli Brown says:

    Would you believe I’ve tried the coconut milk mango rice? It’s SO GOOD.


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