Chelsea Market & Anthony Rudolf

Today was my favorite day of the program so far. I loved Chelsea Market. Honestly I could care less about having that free time at Times Square if we could’ve had more free time at the market. We went on an NYC food tour through it, and all got super stuffed. It started out at the Ronnybrook Milk Bar where we sampled some mini red velvet cupcakes from Eleni’s Bakery and some fresh chocolate milk from their creamery. The frosting was great: it was a cream cheese buttercream blend. The milk was also extra tasty, it was very fresh, nice and thick like whole milk, and the chocolate tasted natural rather than too sweet. (I really wanted to get a milkshake there.) Then we headed over to Lucy’s Whey, a cheese shop, where we tried some Cabot cheddar, and then had it in a ciabata roll from Amy’s breads with a lovely fig honey spread. It all went together very well. Next we went to Buon Italia where we had a quiche-like tart with egg, carmelized onion, and mushrooms. Very filling and savory. Almost all of the items in the store had been imported from Italy, and one of the owners displayed a photo of herself and Emeril Lagasse. Next up was a sea salt and smoked sea salt sampling at The Market Basket, along with some salted soft caramels that were divine. Up next on the list was the Tuck Shop, that serves Australian meat pies. We all had the sausage and sage flavor which had an incredibly flaky crust and savory filling. We then got some small biscuits and sampled the famous Orange Apricot Marmelade from Sarabeth’s Bakery as well as her Red Raspberry Strawberry Jam. Both excellent: the orange was very bright and zesty, a great wake-up, and the berry very fruity and juicy with a natural sweetness. We then did a bit of a walking tour through the meat-packing district on The High Line, which is now a park built over the train tracks that Nabisco used when they first had their company in that area. The last food stop was Macelleria where we enjoyed some fresh pasta with an oxtail marinara sauce. It was really tasty, and the oxtail looked sort of similar to carnitas. All yummy. As our tour concluded, one of our ICE chefs, Chef Davenport, showed us her small tapas bar Terroir at The Porch on The High Line. It was pretty cool. Once our tour was done we only had 15 minutes of free time in Chelsea Market, so we pretty much set off sprinting. I bought 6 mini doughnuts at The Doughnuttery, three Paris, a lavendar, pistachio and vanilla sugar, and three Cheeky Peach, a peach, raspberry and rose petal sugar. I also bought a shirt that says “I (doughnut) NY”. They were all pretty good, but a little pricy. I also bought different flavored caramels at The Market Basket, and a mug from Eleni’s filled with sugar drops. Sadly I never did get my milkshake though. 😦

After the market we had Anthony Rudolf as our speaker at ICE. He attended the Culinary Institute of America and served as the Service Director for Jean Georges’ Flagship, and the General Manager, then the Director of Operations at Thomas Keller’s Per Se and Bouchon Bakeries. Oh, and he’s only in his thirties. Really cool. One thing he opened my mind up to was applying to the really nice restaurants right out of school. That way, you learn the right habits and are able to work your way up and really appreciate your position, as well as earn respect. He really wanted to make sure that we chose the right things for us rather than just what other people wanted.

Tonight we also had an exercise called “The Line.” A tape line was put down with half of our culinary group on each side and questions are asked by the speaker, Mr. Caputo. If the question is true for you, you step towards the line without any talking, then you step back again for the next question. It started out with light-hearted topics such as male, female, college, etc. Then it went deeper. It got into terminal illnesses, suicides, and discrimation. Needless to say, it got very emotional for a lot of people, if not everyone. In the end we all felt closer to one another, as well as more respect for one another. I only wonder why they didn’t do it towards the start of the program, rather than getting us all attached with only three days left. Oh well.

There was also an “Around the World” social tonight that was just okay.

Next time I visit my sister Adriene, we’re definitely going to try to get our other, former New Yorker sister to come, and I’m dragging them to Chelsea Market!


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  1. I want to be you! What a delicious day! ~Wendy


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