First Ice Cream Sandwiches Attempt

It is very true that I have not written a post in a great while, and I apologize.  I have been very short on time, and thus have not been cooking as much as I would like to. However, with the holidays came time off to cook and bake to my heart’s content!  I posted a variety of photos on the Instagram account, @batteriedecuisine.  Christmas dinner included a roast duck with a black cherry balsamic wine sauce that I made to taste, and my favorite cream-braised brussell sprouts, just to give a sneak peek.  I also made hot chocolate and peppermint ice cream for a hot chocolate affogato, as well as a chocolate salted caramel layer cake.  Quite the overload!  For photos of all of my holiday cooking please refer to Instagram.

Tonight, I attempt my first batch of ice cream sandwiches.  Because I love to always try something new, they are no typical chocolate chip cookie and vanilla ice cream sandwiches, no, that would be too easy!  Instead I made some homemade lavender and vanilla ice cream, and then double chocolate chip cookies with some added lavender sugar that I received from my best friend.  The creation of these sandwiches is no random occurrence. Sadly, the best school counselor that I’ve ever had has resigned, and tomorrow is her last day 😦  She is a reader of this blog, and has always insisted upon ice cream sandwiches.  So, tonight I decided to make some just for her to give her during our last appointment.  I hope she loves them!

Notes on putting them together, try to let the cookies cool at least most of the way.  Mine weren’t fragile, but because they were warm they melted the ice cream faster.  Also, with my homemade ice creams, I find that they don’t freeze to a very hard consistency in the first place, so there was no need to leave the ice cream out before scooping it between two cookies.  Before I baked the cookies I also tried to flatten them a bit in the center, to create a cookie that was a bit thinner and more even, but either way works.


I just finished putting them together and tried one out, and they are…. DECADENT.  The chocolate cookies are super-fudgy and rich, and then the ice cream is light and creamy, with a soothing tinge of lavender.  I’d call it the relaxation ice cream sandwich!  They turned out awesomely. I’ll post the recipe!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Patti says:

    Do you ship to PA?? What a great thing to do for such a nice reason. Thanks for sharing your talents!


    1. rworthi says:

      I currently am not selling what I make, but thanks for asking!


  2. Ramie says:

    She wasn’t going to cry… She LOVES them!

    Decadent is right! …so grateful.


  3. Bradley says:

    These were delicious! Thanks for giving Ramie the tastiest going away present (and thanks to Ramie for sharing!).


  4. Beth says:

    Super yummy and “sinsational”! So glad I got one! Thanks!


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