New Food Writing Adventures

It’s difficult to believe that it has already been a year since my last post!  This past year has been rather hectic, as I am currently just finishing up my first year of college.  Luckily, I chose to attend college in one of the most food-friendly of places, Fort Collins, Colorado.  I’ve heard rumors that the number of restaurants per capita here is higher than New York City! Sounds like a great fit, right? Anyway, I wanted to let any loyal followers know that I have a new food writing opportunity.  Next semester I will be writing food reviews for my college paper, the Rocky Mountain Collegian! It’s definitely an exciting step that I hope will help to bring me slightly closer to my goals.  While I have this position, I imagine my post frequency (or at least photos) will be increasing, so keep a lookout for new installments!

Also- I’ve created a Pinterest, be sure to check it out by clicking on the Pinterest icon on the upper right!


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  1. says:

    That’s great, Rachael! They couldn’t have chosen a better person. Perhaps Matt could be your assistant in visiting the different restaurants!

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  2. Ramie says:

    This is great news, Rachael! Tim and I will be dedicated followers!

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