Dark & (Tropical) Stormy Cocktails

I love ginger beer. It’s a little spicy, it’s tangy, it’s got great carbonation and it’s pretty refreshing. So naturally, I’m a big fan of Moscow mules. I’ve also grown to love the Dark & Stormy, a combination of ginger beer, rum and lime. When I discovered Plantation Pineapple Rum Stiggins Fancy (learn a bit more about the history here) through an a article about the best bottles to gift, I thought what could be better than a Dark & Stormy with a tropical twist? Thus my tropical storm cocktail was born. In the version I mix at home, I use my own homemade ginger liqueur, but I’d recommend Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur for those that don’t want to spend the extra time infusing their own spirits.

Tropical Storm Cocktail

makes 1 cocktail

1 oz ginger liqueur (I recommend Domaine de Canton)
2 oz Plantation Pineapple Rum Stiggins Fancy (hard to find but delicious!)
6 oz ginger beer (I prefer Reed’s or the Trader Joe’s version)
.5 oz lime juice (or a couple of wedges squeezed, whichever comes first)

For this cocktail, I like to use copper mule mugs and large square ice cubes. Add the ginger liqueur, pineapple rum, ginger beer and lime juice. Stir. Feel free to garnish as you like!


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