Clafoutis- Santa Fe, NM

This is ultimately my favorite place.  I hope to one day open my own establishment very similar to this one.  It is a French bakery that only serves breakfast and lunch, but just about everything is in the French style.  Breakfast items include Coconut Brioche French Toast, Peach Crepes, and one of my favorites is a combination that you can create.  I like to order one of their little bread baskets, which is served in a colander with French jam.  I believe they call it the French breakfast or something like that.  Then I have one of their eggs, (always perfectly cooked to your liking) that they serve in a small skillet atop your plate.  Then I add a side of fruit. Mmm! Perfect little bit of all you need.

Lunch is also wonderful.  We’ve had their sandwiches on French bread, and I’ve had their Croque Madame.  They also make their own french fries!

They also of course have two large cases of breads and pastries for you to ogle on your way in or out.  One of my favorite things I’ve had out of the case was a Strawberry Eclair. It’s all just so fantastic.  If you’re ever in Santa Fe, I urge you to give this place a visit.  There tends to be a bit of crowd, and you’ll probably have to wait a while, but I’m telling you that it’s worth it.

The address is 402 N. Guadalupe Street.


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